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Our Farm

Our cattle, goat and sheep are born and raised in South Africa which are brought to Mauritius by our sister company Neel Agro Ltd. These cattle then go to Master Breeders farm at St Martin where they are fed and cared until they are sent for slaughtering at the MMA. Hence making our products 100% halal.

Raising Beef

Raising beef is a complex process, but throughout the entire journey, one thing remains constant – the shared commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way by using the latest technology and resources. Learn more about the people and the process involved in raising beef from the pasture to the plate.

From Farm to Fork

Neel Group of Companies, a family business founded by Yousuf Jeeva and his family 29 years ago, has diversified over the years to meet the needs of customers. In 2021, Island Meat Distribution (IMD) joined the group’s fourteen other sister companies. A new investment in the agro-agriculture sector for the group which is already present in various sectors. Neel Agro has so far imported cattle from South Africa and Master Breeders Ltd has been responsible for raising these cattle which are fed mainly with grains and grass. It was only after 2 years that we diversified into a niche product that was only available on importation. In doing so, we have completed the Operations cycle!

The company’s mission is to provide consumers with local, healthy, halal meat while meeting health standards. “We also want to keep our meat traceable, which is ‘From farm to fork’.”

Island Meat Distribution specializes in the production of fresh beef, lamb and goat meat. Aged meat in customized proportions according to demand. By eating our meat, you know exactly what’s on your plate: a product that hasn’t traveled and you also know how the meat was stored. Thanks to the strategy put in place: from farm to fork, IMD ensures a quality product in total transparency. We do not use any chemical as preservative. It is indeed the quality of our product that today allows IMD to stand out. Dry aged meat in Mauritius.

Our asset remains the quality of our meat that does not require a long cooking time in the casserole. Island Meat Distribution offers you the assurance of a good meal which are more tender than traditional meat.

Moreover, IMD is currently working on promoting its products and plans to present them in supermarkets to make them more accessible. Our next goal is to have on our farm livestock fed with 100% natural products that will allow us to supply organic meat.

Island Meat Distribution, a member of Neel Group of Companies.
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