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*Price is for a portion of 1 Kg/2 lbs (± 10%).

Located just below the Square-Cut Chuck and in front of the Short Plate.

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Country of Origin: Mauritius

This part is the animal’s breast, so it can be tougher because it is used for movement. An ideal cut for cooking low and slow-on the barbecue or in a slow-cooker perfect for curry.

The leaner half of the whole Brisket also known also as the “first cut,” this full-flavored meat can be sliced or shredded.

Also Known As: Beef Brisket Middle Cut, Boneless; Brisket Center-Cut; Brisket First Cut; Brisket Flat Cut; Brisket Front Cut


The posterior flat portion of the Brisket thus the name “Flat.”


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